What Just Happened

Next Big Thing is currently in pre-production for a late night live to studio audience weekly satirical comedy, interview and musical show for YouTube with a working title of ‘What Just Happened’, an explanation of current national and international events that may have left the viewer with their gob well and truly smacked.

A main thrust of the show will be political satire and making the right wingers understand all the big words used by the lefties, and helping the right discern the difference between a commie leftie bastard and a commie leftie greenie. (Hint: one drinks red wine, the other drinks Koala wee).

The format will also feature in studio interviews with national and international subject experts to bring another opinion and/or more detail to a weekly topic featuring in the news. NB; persons who have recently appeared in, directed, written, produced or just hung out on the sets of new release movies or TV shows will be allowed to peddle their wares while being simultaneously adored by the audience and interrogated by the host. Persons who have just written books (real books, with covers that you can buy. In a shop!) or comic books (I mean ‘graphic novels’ [face meet palm, the hipsters are doing my head in]) may also appear on camera under two conditions:

  1. Have a bath. Preferably wash hair (including under arm, ladies.) Must be completed within no more than 12 hours prior to recording.
  2. Not be so stoned that a stone (literally a stone) could give a better answer to the question, “How are you?”

Elected officials may also appear on camera upon showing a receipt declaring they have donated one 365th of their annual salary including entitlements to an Australian registered charity that is unrelated to any interest they might hold now or in the future.

And when you’re all cried out from realising we are all doomed there’ll be music (but no banjos).

Because after all, if you’re going to tell truth to power you’ll need the facts, some rhythm and a great punch line.

Got any suggestions or think there’s a place for you in this production? Leave a comment below – it will stay private until you become famous then we’re selling to the highest bidder.

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